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What do you as a farmer get by listing a tank or barrel? In addition to a vin-lab report on your tank and two blind tasted individual Sommelier tasting reports, you also get to name your price ensuring you get a fair and decent price for your wine. 

In exchange, the Wine Press requires a hold on any wine listed for 2 months from the date the wine is publically listed on the website. If the wine is not sold by the Wine Press in this period, the wine farmer is free to sell the wine to any external buyers use all the reports procured by the Wine Press.  When a sale is made through the Wine Press website the wine farmer receives an EFT directly into their bank account. The Wine Press will arrange all pick up of the wine within 5 working days. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries. The website is currently under construction, please contact me directly in order to access BETA functionality of the test website.

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At Wine Press, we strive to bring you the highest quality wine available - personalized. We start with a list of award-winning, sommelier and wine expert-tasted wines, and pair it with a custom wine label designed by you to create your own brand - your very own...

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