Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer

South African-Style Mulled Wine (Rooibos infused Gluhwein)

Mulled Wine has multiple variations all over the world. Most popular is the British Mulled Wine which traditionally is made with sugar and spice, and Glühwein found in Germany and Austria which typically contains spices, citrus and can be drunk mit Schuss (with a shot) of rum. In most countries mulled wine is commonly served around Christmastime.

Anyone who has spent a Christmas in South Africa knows the last thing you want to be drinking at Christmas is hot wine. At our Christmas gatherings you are more likely to find us around the pool with a bottle of sunblock than a hot beverage of any kind. However, that does not mean we can’t enjoy mulled wine during our winter months.

On this freezing, rainy, Monday night I have just finished a particularly exhausting day. The rain is pounding on the ceiling so hard that even Huey Lewis and the News are being drowned out. So much for the Power of Love. Sounds like a perfect night to relax with a steaming mug of mulled wine, South African style. My concoction is a slight variation of British mulled wine and Gluhwein with a key, purely South African, ingredient.


Rooibos infused Mulled Wine

Serves 2-3 (depending how thirsty you are)

1 bottle of your favourite Wine Press red wine (I’ve used Red Blend here)

1 Orange

1 Lemon

2 Cinnamon sticks

3 pinches freshly ground nutmeg

1 Rooibos tea bag

2 tots of honey

3 tablespoons brown sugar (or to taste)

Place your wine in a heavy pot on low heat. Peel the rind off the orange and the lemon and add to your wine. Add the juice of your orange, and half the juice of the lemon. Stir in the remainder of your ingredients and continue over low heat under the wine is just simmering. Do not let the mixture boiling. Turn off the heat and serve in a mug. Enjoy!

…but the real enemy is the cold. It steals up on you quieter than Will, and at first you shiver and your teeth chatter and you stamp your feet and dream of mulled wine and nice hot fires. It burns, it does. Nothing burns like the cold. But only for a while. Then it gets inside you and starts to fill you up, and after a while you don’t have the strength to fight it. It’s easier just to sit down ot go to sleep. They say you don’t feel any pain toward the end. First you go weak and drowsy, and everything starts to fade, and then it’s like sinking into a sea of warm milk. Peaceful, like.
George R.R. Martin (A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1))

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